All team features are limited to paid plans. On the Starter and Growth plans, you are provided with a single shared team that everyone is part of by default. On the Organization plan, no shared team is provided automatically - you can create as many teams as you would like though.

Adding a project to a team

To add a project to a team, click on the right side of a project, and click the "Move to team" button. Once it's in a team, you can remove the project from a team the same way.

Opening team settings
To open up the team settings, click "Team setup" to the right of the team name. If you're a Teammate, it will say "Show Team" instead. 

Organization Plan Only

Creating a team (Organization Plan only)
Anyone in your subscription can create a team. By default, the creator of the team is the Manager of the team. 

Invite people to a team (Organization Plan only)
To invite someone to a team, they must already be a member of the subscription. You can invite people via email in the Team Setup dialog (click Team Setup to the right of the team name).

See the Team-level permissions article for details on what Teammates vs Managers can do.

Remove someone from a team (Organization Plan only)
To remove someone, click on their permission level on the right side of the Team Setup dialog, and click "Remove from team"

Deleting a team (Organization Plan only)
You'll need to be a Team Manager to delete a team. When you delete a team, all projects within the team are permanently deleted. If you're okay with that, click:

  1. Manage team
  2. Delete team
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