Opening the Share Dialog

The Share button is in the lower portion of the left navbar.

You can also find it on the Projects Page on the right side of each project tile. 

Inviting people via email

The most secure method of adding people to a project is via email. You can paste in one or more emails at once. If you're an Owner on the project, you'll have the option to invite people as View-only, Can-edit, or Owner. If you're Can-edit, then you can only invite people as View-only or Can-edit. 

Inviting people via link

To invite many people at once, it may be easiest to send out a shared link. 

  • View-only: users do not have to log in to view the project
  • Can-edit: users must log in to view the project

You can also click "Reset links" if you would like to change out the project links for new ones. 

Changing a user's permissions and removing users

On the right side of the Current Members table, you can use the dropdown to change someone's permission level, or remove them from the project. If you don't see a dropdown next to someone's names, it's likely because they have a higher permission level than you. 

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