The list card is best suited for listing tasks and priorities - for example, a checklist of supplies to bring to a design sprint, or a list of project goals. You can even create a kanban board by creating multiple list cards, and dragging tasks between cards.

Checklist functionality

Enabling/disabling checklists
By default, list items have a checkbox on the left side - but you may want to disable those if you're using the List Card as a way of highlighting project goals or listing out potential feature ideas. If you accidentally disable checklists, don't worry - the checked off items will still be checked when you re-enable them. 

To enable/disable checklists, click on the Card Menu in the top right of the card.

What happens when you check off an item?
Anyone assigned to that list item gets a notification that it was marked as done. The same goes for unchecking a list item.  

Creating list items

Each list item can contain a title, a description, an assignee, and comment threads.
Click on the title or the description to edit it. To save your edits, click anywhere outside of the list item, or hit Esc to cancel.

Text formatting
Just highlight some text, and a basic formatting toolbar will come up.

Quickly add a bulleted list
Type an asterisk (*), then space to insert a new bullet. Hit return to add a new bullet.

Quickly add a numbered list
Type a number, like 1, then a period (.), then a space. Hit return to add a new number.

Deleting list items
Click on the Delete button. Note that there is no confirmation, and this is a permanent action.

Dragging list items

Click and drag on a list item to reorder it up and down. You can also drag the list item to other List Cards (but not other types of cards).

List item assignments

Assigning/unassigning list items
To assign an owner to a list item, click on the Assign button. You'll be able to select from any of the existing project members. You can add as many assignees as you want to a single list item. 

To remove an assignee, hover over their initials, then click the Remove button. 

Notifications related to items assigned to you

  • Whenever someone assigns an item to you
  • Whenever someone removes you as the owner of an item
  • Whenever the item is checked
  • Whenever the item is unchecked
  • Whenever the item is moved to a different List Card
  • Whenever the item is deleted

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