Have you ever wireframed on a whiteboard with a teammate, taken a photo of it, but never looked at it again? Or uploaded photos of a user research study to the cloud but never opened them again? Using the Image Card is a powerful way of making sure that you use these later on in your process - when needed, they can be first class citizens, right alongside the rest of your research and design process.

The two different layouts

Image Cards can show one or more images in two different views:

  • Thumbnails: Good for multiple photos. Click on a photo to open a slideshow view, and use the arrows to navigate between images.
  • List view: This allows you to scroll through all of the photos in a vertical list.

To switch between these views, head up to the card menu.

You can also add captions to images. Just click on "Add a Caption" at the bottom of the photo.

Uploading images

There are three methods of doing this:

  • Browse: Select multiple photos anywhere on your computer.
  • Drag and drop: Drag multiple files on top of the card to upload.
  • Paste: Click on the paste box and use Ctrl + V (for PC) or Cmd + V (for Mac). Pasting only works in Chrome.
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