The Projects Page is the central home for Purple. Here, you can see all of the Teams that you're part of (requires a paid plan), and view all of your projects. 


The Projects Page is made up of various sections - on the Free Plan, you'll just see "My Projects", but for paid plans you'll see teams listed out as well. For each section, you have the following capabilities:

  • Switch between viewing Active / Archived projects
  • View wide tiles or narrow tiles
  • Sorting projects by Last Opened Date, Created Date, and Alphabetically
  • Reverse the sort direction

Project Tiles

On each project tile, there is a Share button and a Menu button. Clicking on the Share button opens the Share Dialog. Clicking on the Menu button opens the Project Menu, which can include the following:

  • Duplicate project: Makes a copy of the project, but strips out all comments, assignments, and collaborators - you are the only member of the copy. 
  • Archive project: Good for staying under your project limit. Nobody will be able to open the project when you archive it. 
  • Reactivate project: Only shows up if the project is archived
  • Move to Team: Moves the project into the corresponding team section, and adds everyone on the team as a Can-edit user to the project. If any team members were already on the project as View-only or Owner, they will not be switched to Can-edit.
  • Move to My Projects: Moves the project into your My Projects area. If you're an Owner on the project, this removes all users from the project. If you're Can-edit, then any Owners on the project will still be part of the project. 
  • Leave Project: Only shows for projects in the My Projects area. You will no longer have access to the project.
  • Delete Project: Only shows if you're an Owner on the project. This permanently deletes the project.
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