How do payments work?

You can pay for Purple using a debit or credit card. On the Monthly plan, you're charged once a month, starting on the date you upgrade. On the Monthly plan, you'll be billed once a month starting from the date you upgrade. On the Yearly plan, you'll be billed once a year starting from the date you upgrade.

What happens when a credit card payment fails?

If your card is expired or no longer valid when we attempt to charge your card, your subscription will move into an "expired" state. Members of your subscription will not be able to open or edit projects until an updated card is provided. This however does not impact people from outside of your subscription from accessing any projects that have been shared out (for example, we wouldn't want your external client to get locked out of a project). 

You can update your card information by clicking the "Change Billing Information" button in the Billing tab at the top of Purple. Once you update your card, your new card will be charged and your subscription will once again be active. 


You will receive a receipt once a month after a successful credit card payment. The receipt gets emailed to the Billing Email, which can be changed on the Billing Page.

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