The Duplicate Project feature helps your team maintain a consistent project process. To duplicate a project, click on the project menu on the right side of a project, then click "Duplicate project". 

All collaborators, comments, and List Card assignments are stripped out of the new project - it's just you in there.

How to use this feature to make your life easier

You can use this feature to effectively create and distribute a project template for your team - that way you don't have to start from scratch every time you're working on a new project. This also helps you and your team keep a consistent project process.


  1. Create a project, and start adding a bunch of empty cards that you believe will need to be created eventually anyways. Within the Text Card, you may want to add some headings and questions. For example, if you're creating a Product Requirements Document template, you might add in headings for Goals, Metrics, Scenarios, Analytics, etc. 
  2. Add the project to a team, or share it directly with teammates. 
  3. When it's time to start a new project, just duplicate the pre-populated project, and start filling out the template. 

Check out the Purple design and dev team's example template project

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