When you join someone else's subscription, a few things will happen:

  • Your account will be tied to the subscription - which means any Admins will be able to control your subscription permission level, or remove you from the subscription.
  • Your Active Project Limit will increase to 5, 10, or unlimited depending on the plan you've selected.
  • Projects that you're part of will be added to the subscription. They will still show up in your My Projects area, but note that if an Admin removes you from the subscription, you will be removed from those projects (and the Admin will assume control). This is to protect confidential projects from leaving the company. If you have any personal projects in your Purple account, we suggest transferring them to a separate Purple account before joining your company's

Note that if you aren't able to join a subscription, it may be because the subscription is at its maximum limit for people (5 for the Starter plan, 10 for the Growth plan). 

To invite someone to a subscription, check out the article for the The People Page

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