Downloading and installing

Download the Purple Sketch plugin as a ZIP file here. In order to install it, extract the plugin, then double click on it to open it. It should give you a confirmation that it was installed successfully.

Syncing to Purple

Purple’s Sketch Card allows you to show off your designs exactly as you’ve laid them out in Sketch. This is great for showing screen flows and different UI states side by side. You can choose to share your whole Sketch file, or share just a single page.

To share all of your designs, go to Plugins > Send to Purple > Sync all pages to Purple. To share just a single Page, open the Page that you’d like to sync, then go to Plugins > Send to Purple > Sync current page to Purple.

If this is your first time using the plugin, you will be asked to login. You won’t need to do this again unless you click Plugins > Send to Purple > Logout.

Select a project from the dropdown list, then select a card. You can create a new Sketch Card by selecting == Create a new card ==.

After you click sync, you may get a spinning floaty ball while your designs upload. Hold tight! Once finished, you’ll get a “Document synced!” message at the bottom of the screen. 

Updating your designs in Purple

Just follow the same process as your initial sync. The whole Sketch Card is overwritten when you share your designs. If anyone commented on your original designs, those comments will remain.

Known issues

When you sync designs to the Sketch Card, any designs that are already in there are overwritten. So you won’t be able to add a few pages to your Sketch Card one page at a time. You can only share a single page into your Sketch Card, or all pages from your file.

If there’s a comment on an artboard in your Sketch Card, and you cut and paste that artboard somewhere else in Sketch, the comment will be deleted the next time you sync. 

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