Purple is made up of cards - and as you lay them out along a row, the story of your process becomes more and more apparent.

Inserting a card

Hover over the big + (plus) button in the bottom right, then click a card type. 

You can also insert cards by clicking the + button between existing cards.

Naming a card

Click on the card title to rename it. Hit Enter to save it, or Esc to cancel. 

Resizing a card

Click and drag anywhere on the right side of a card to resize it. This is especially great for lists, where you may not need the full width of the card.

Reordering a card

  1. Zoom out by using the minus key, or clicking the zoom out button in the bottom right.
  2. Click and drag a card to begin reordering
  3. Drop the card when a vertical line shows up in between two cards.

You can also reorder cards starting from the zoomed in view - just drag the top of the card, and your board will automatically zoom out for you.

Create a Stack

You can also create a Stack by dropping the card onto another card.

Deleting a card

  1. Click the Card Settings icon in the top right of a card
  2. Click "Delete this card"
  3. Click "Delete the card" to confirm.

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